Noel Leeming Commercial

Streamline the procurement, supply, setup and support of your technology and appliances – work with one partner
nation-wide, who can supply a comprehensive range of products and end-to-end services.

How can we help you do business?

We make it easy to procure, deliver, install and support, anything from appliances and tech, to curtains and cutlery.

We make managing the technology requirements of your business and staff easy, efficient and stress free.

We’ve got a team of experts who understand the unique challenges and requirements of your industry.

Why Noel Leeming Commercial?

With over 75 Noel Leeming stores nationwide, we do business where you do.

Choosing to work with us means working with a business that cares about our planet, our people and our products.

Procure products from across our group brands, including Noel Leeming, The Warehouse, Warehouse Stationery and Torpedo7.

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Upcoming Event

The Google for Education Extravaganza
Join us, Using Technology Better and Google, in this free, online event where we will explore the latest #GoogleEDU tools, and connect with educators from across the country!

Latest case study

Partnering to move forward faster – Caspex Corporation
“The Noel Leeming team are proactive, forward-thinking and innovative – they notice things and come up with solutions and ideas that we wouldn’t always have thought of.”
Pauline Luinstra, Caspex IT Manager.

Want to shop for your business online?

Make sure you sign up to our procurement portal.
It’s a quick and easy way for you to shop for your business online, with cost benefits built into the product range. Register your interest and one of our Account Managers will be in touch to set you up.

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